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The Breast and Gynecological Centre is a one-stop women’s health centre dedicated to caring for women throughout all stages of life. Offering the most advanced, comprehensive, and personalized care available, we have everything you need for health and wellness.

We provide personalized, high quality, all-round services in advanced breast care, gynecological care, primary care (GP services) and other specialties such as cardiology, general surgery, ear, nose and throat, eye care.

We coordinate your care seamlessly, allowing you to reach and maintain your personal healthcare goals. We know you are very busy and so we have taken away the hassles of navigating the healthcare landscape to find the care that best suits you by providing all-round technology. When you visit our well trained and vastly experienced team, you are in great hands. You will enjoy a truly personalized experience with our caring team.

Our team of care providers drawn from the United Kingdom, United States and Nigeria, are dedicated, well-trained, and highly experienced professionals, who will navigate you to optimal health using years of healthcare experience combined with the state-of the-art technology. When you visit our well-trained and vastly experienced team, you are in great hands. You will enjoy a truly personalized experience with our caring team.

Our healthcare philosophy is simple – we’ll treat you with respect, listen to your needs, help you develop a better understanding of your body, and work with you to develop a plan to make sure you’re healthy and happy.

No matter where you are on life’s journey, we are proud to offer the best breast, gynecological, primary (GP care), wellness, other specialty care you need to maximize your health and well-being. We strive to help every woman flourish through all the stages in her life from the first gynae exam, to creating a family, all the way through menopause and senior years.

At the Breast &Gynae Centre, our mission is to provide advanced, high quality, compassionate, personalized, restorative, wellness and aesthetic care to women at all stages of their life.

We promote wellnesss, education, and exceptional clinical care in comforting environment. Through our many services, specialist, programs, and events, we provide you the best healthcare for every stage of your life.

By bringing together a very exclusive team of specialists base in the UK and Nigeria, working with cutting edge technologies and well-designed services, you will receive comprehensive, high quality and personalized services that spans all aspects of wellness, curative and aesthetic care, all in one location.

Our centre serves as a model for the future of women’s healthcare, uniting

1.Comprehensive healthcare for women

2.Robust patient education

3.Innovative technologies and research

We are the only dedicated women’s healthcare centre in the country, which provides comprehensive holistic care dedicated to women.

1.Primary Care

2.Gynaecology, including infertility

3.Sexual Health


5.Endocrinology and bone disease

6.Breast Care: breast wellness physicians, breast surgeons, breast radiologists, breast pathologists

7.Emotional and Psychosocial Health

8.Interventional Radiology for uterine and breast pathology.

The Breast & Gynae Centre will be at the forefront of delivering an extensive range of diverse and valued services that support the healthcare, wellbeing and individual growth of women.

To provide advanced, high quality, personalized, restorative, wellness and aesthetic care to women at all stages of their life.

Our passion to evaluate the standard of women’s healthcare is energized and shaped by the core values we embrace. They guide our decisions and provide directions for the work we do. They are the heart of our team, the character of our centre and the legacy of our future. While our industry and our business are forever evolving, we will remain rooted in the values that drive us.

Passion for the people

We place genuine concern and compassion for people at the heart of every decision and every action.


We remain steadfast and united in our pursuit of the highest achievable standards of quality and professionalism in every aspect of our life-saving, life-changing, and life-enhancing enterprise.

Genuine Service

We serve intentionally, sincerely, and joyfully. We are sensitive to one another’s needs and every individual is extended grace and kindness, regardless of circumstance.


Creating and embracing change to improve outcomes. We improve lives by accepting challenges, never giving up and relentlessly nurturing new ideas.

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